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Abigail Devereaux presents at Wichita Pachyderm Club event

ISEG Research Fellow Abigail Deveraux presented “The limits of control in the face of accelerating growth: a complexity economist’s view.” on July 22 at the Petroleum Club in Wichita, Kansas.

Abby’s presentation focused on how economic and mathematic theory have changed over time, and why conventional Progressive and liberal economic ideas focused on control have proven unrealistic and unsuccessful. She provided historical context, examples from failed socialist movements, and alternative ways on how to achieve sustainable economic growth while empowering and trusting the individuals and groups rather than focusing on trying to control the uncontrollable while destroying economic activity.

Attendees and guests were engaged. They asked questions regarding the state of affairs in the global economy, inflation, and many more. You can watch the full presentation via the Wichita Pachyderm Club’s YouTube Channel or via the video below: