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Siyu Wang Featured Presenter at 2023 Public Choice Society Annual Meeting

Siyu Wang, ISEG Research Fellow, presented “The Effect of Election on Political Preferences“ at the 2023 Public Choice Society annual meeting.  Siyu’s presentation was based on a working paper of the same name. In brief, she explored the evolving dynamics between elections and political preferences.

As a result, Siyu presentation left a lasting impression on attendees. For instance, she documented the interconnected ways in which elections influence political choices and beliefs. By exploring this complex relationship, Siyu’s research has the potential to have a major impact. From informing electoral strategies and public discourse, to the development of effective governance systems.

The goal of the Public Choice Society is to “facilitate the exchange of research and ideas across academic disciplines in the social sciences, particularly economics, political science, law, philosophy and related fields, on questions related to all aspects of collective action, primarily through the organization of an annual conference, and the maintenance of a scholarly network.” The society has roots in 1963 as the Committee on Non-Market Decision Making. That was when the first scholars from multiple disciplines became interested in using economic theory on problems normally dealt with by political theorists. In 1967 they formally renamed themselves “The Public Choice Society”. As a result, the Public Choice Society combines academic rigor with constructive collegiality. Now, in 2023, they brought the conference to Seattle for the first time and celebrating their 60th anniversary conference.

At the conference, Siyu also served as a discussant for a presentation by Vlad Tarko. He presented on “Social Norms, Personal Identity, and Rational Choice”.