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Discussing Financial Decisions: Siyu Wang joins ICT Podcast

Siyu Wang, ISEG Research Fellow, joined the ICT Podcast with Brandon Paulseen on March 6 to discuss financial decisions along with David Thorne, CEO of Thumb$CORE. Founded in 2021 to help with financial behaviors, Thumbscore.app bridges financial needs and behaviors to better inform, serve, and connect people with the best services and risk coverage. They combine data, technology, and expertise to transform finance-related mental health. Thumbscore is committed to providing smarter personal economics ecosystems.

Behavioral economics is all about what are the systematic biases people have when they make decisions. And we study it quantitatively, and we tell people “Here are the biases.”

Dr. Siyu Wang
Research Fellow

Siyu spoke about how the science of behavioral economics drives Thumbscore so that it can drive users to make better decisions and to achieve financial goals. She gave key insights and advice to listeners over the course of the episode.

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