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Siyu Wang Shares New Insights with Barton School of Business Faculty, Staff and Students

Siyu Wang, ISEG Research Fellow, presented her new paper, “Negotiation: Is it What You Say or How You Say It” at the March Barton School Lunch and Collaborate Research Event on March 8, 2023.

The Barton School holds monthly conversations about current research efforts, possible collaborations, and an exciting new initiatives faculty are actively working on, with formal presentations from researchers. Faculty, staff and students engage on a wide variety of topics.

We found that authentic, earnest messages with promises were the most effective tactic. Threats were the least effective.

Dr. Siyu Wang
Research Fellow

Siyu presented the methodology and key findings from a recent study. The audience engaged with several questions, ranging from AI disruption from tools like ChatGPT, to additional concepts they would like to see tested.