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Siyu Wang Featured Presenter at International Symposium on Economic Behavior and Forecasting

Siyu Wang, ISEG Research Fellow, presented “Communicating the Return to Education: A Field Experiment” at The International Symposium on Economic Behavior and Forecasting on October 15. The content is a work in progress, in collaboration with scholars Hui Xu and Delong Meng. In brief, the presentation showcased Siyu’s methodology and the implications of their preliminary findings. In addition, attendees noted Siyu’s innovative approach and the insights gained from the field experimentation.

A number of organizations co-sponsed the International Frontier Academic Symposium on Economic Behavior and Forecasting. They included the Philosophy and Social Science Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, the Nankai University Economic Behavior and Policy Simulation Laboratory, and the Nankai University School of Economics. This year, the theme of the conference was “Global Changes: Economic Behavior and Forecast”. The symposium was at Nankai University. However, it utilized in a hybrid format with in-person and online components.

The International Symposium on Economic Behavior and Forecasting allows scholars from various institutions to exchange knowledge, share new findings, and explore innovative methodologies. By combining both in-person and online components, the symposium fostered engagement and participation from a world-wide audience. This allows for the dissemination of valuable insights in the field of economic behavior.

The collaborative effort between Siyu Wang, Hui Xu, and Delong Meng demonstrates the significance of interdisciplinary research. Moreover, through their field experiment Siyu and the team investigated the effectiveness of various communciation styles. The wide range of results from different communication approaches in encouraging individuals to pursue educational opportunities suprised the researchers. Although the work remains ongoing, the initial findings presented during the symposium showcased the potential implications of their research.